Travel Updates - Bhutan Holiday Trips

How much is the SDF?

For all visitors except those from India, the SDF is US$200 per person, per night. For guests from India (who have an Indian passport or Indian voter ID card), the SDF is 1,200 ngultrum, or the equivalent amount in Indian rupees, per person, per night. Without an Indian passport or Indian voter ID card, the full SDF of US$ 200 will be levied.
Children aged 6 to 12 at the time of travel receive a 50% concessionary discount on their SDF. Those children who have not yet turned six are exempt from paying any SDF. 
Day visitors to the Bhutanese towns bordering India are also exempt from paying the SDF until they reach a point designated by the Bhutanese government.

COVID-19 Protocols

Here are few protocols to follow when visiting Bhutan:

–Visitors can enter Bhutan without COVID-19 testing and quarantine requirements

– Although the visitors are recommended to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to help stop the spread of the disease, there are now no COVID-19 vaccination requirements for adults or children to enter Bhutan.

– All individuals (12 years and above) entering Bhutan may be required to undergo random RT-PCR testing at the formal points of entry to maintain COVID-19 surveillance for new variants. The RT-PCR testing for surveillance will be done free of charge.

– Unvaccinated guests can enter Bhutan without quarantine period.

– There will be no COVID-19 protocols to leave Bhutan, unless it is required by the country the guest is travelling to. 

– Travelers to Bhutan will need travel insurance covering emergency medical evacuation, hospital charges due to sickness, permanent disability, accidental death, etc. So, purchase travel insurance from your home country before traveling.  There is also an option to purchase domestic travel insurance from Bhutanese insurance providers at the port of entry during arrivals

Tourism reopening

Bhutan has come out of the pandemic, safe and strong. This has been possible due to successful vaccination efforts against COVID-19. The country had a relatively low mortality rate from the pandemic. Therefore, Bhutan officially opened its borders to all travelers on 23rd September 2022.